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When we moved to Australia, Papua New Guinea was always on the table. The Patersons have a clear directive from God to transform that nation using business as their mission. After growing up in PNG as a missionary kid, Scott thought he would never return. But God had different plans (as he does) and now it's clear that the Patersons will one day live in the great nation they hope to disciple, equip, transform and empower. 

During our time partnering with the Patersons, we were able to help get the ball rolling, and we even got to visit PNG - check it out! 

Equipping for Business

One of the best ways to empower others is by educating them. But more than that, is going beyond the basic education offered at school and giving them skills that will allow them to become self-sustaining and successful members of their community. The vision of the Equipping for Business course is to not only train attendees how to begin and successfully run a business, but to do it with integrity. To equip them to create, maintain and successfully manage a business based on Kingdom principles. But that's not the best part!  The best part is that this course will be accessible to anyone with a grade 6 education. Getting through secondary school is no longer a hurdle to success and sustainability. And it's not just for Papua New Guinea. We, and those we've presented the first portion of the course to, can see a tremendous need for this course to be taken to countries all over the world. It has the potential to equip nations to become self-sustaining, discipled communities that can transform a nation!

Our role on this project was to take the outline and creative ideas of the Patersons, and 'teacher-fy' it. Or, in more technical terms, we turned it into a curriculum that is teachable, even if the trainer is not an educator by trade. We wrote skits, games and interactive worksheets with activities to engage a culture in ways that are outside the box. The way in which the course is presented is so different from what many developing nations experience in typical public education settings. It is engaging and gives practical skills from the very first lesson. We also did all the formatting and created the curriculum to look sharp, easy to navigate & accessible. It includes a schedule, pacing guide, answer keys, and even certificates for the attendees that finish the course. It's a package deal and, once finished, the potential it has is tremendous! 

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