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Our darling little squish, we simply cannot believe we've been blessed with your presence on this Earth for one whole year. You are a joy-bringer wherever you go. It is simply impossible for someone to share a room with you and not smile in your presence. You love to grin at friendly faces, then play bashful when they smile back.

You're as smitten with your big brother as he is with you. When he's playing on the floor you want to play with him. When he's practicing his drums you want to drum along too. When you crawl over to play the piano, he joins along in your tune.

The excitement overtakes you and your arms and legs start kicking and swinging a million miles an hour whenever there's talk about food or going outside - quite possibly your two favorite things. I couldn't possibly list your favorite foods, because there doesn't seem to be a food you've tried that you didn't like. Waffles are high on the list, as are asparagus, acorn squash, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Fruit is, of course, another favorite - another trait from your big brother.

You crawl faster than The Flash himself, and you're cruising speeds rival that of Speed Racer. Though you've taken a tentative step or two on your own, you don't appear to be in any rush to walk, and we're okay with that. We're sure once you decide you're ready it'll be a piece of cake and you'll be off like a shot.

You are great at knowing what is okay to play with and what is not okay to play with... you tend to be a good listener when told "Don't eat it," or "No touch." Though, you certainly become more cheeky when you're tired.

Dogs and cats make you giggle with glee, especially if they come close enough to let you touch them. Stuffed animals work too, though not with quite the same effect.

Your favorite toys are balls or things that shake, unless there's a tower of blocks nearby that you can knock down.

Books are something you can not live without, and you often won't even let me finish my coffee before you're crawling into my lap with a book in your hand. You usually won't let me up until we've read at least half the books in your basket, and you're getting excellent at turning the pages. Your favorite books are That's Not My Koala, Never Touch a Monster, and Peek-a-Boo Sophie. You don't even know who Sophie is, but you sure do get a kick out of lifting the flaps to find her!

It's safe to say that your favorite time of day if we aren't outside is bath time. When we start singing the bath time song your whole face smiles and the happy squeals start and your legs are kicking and hands

are waving. You love the bath. Splashing in the bath, trying to drink the bath and trying to eat the bubbles. Swimming is also a favorite, but there's something about the freedom of the bathtub that you enjoy so much! You also seem to think it's quite funny to flip over and crawl away as fast as you can when we've finished drying you off. You've mastered the art of streaking and giggle with mischief anytime we try to catch you to get your diaper on and get you dressed.

You go by many nick names around here. Started off as peanut when you were just a tiny thing. That evolved to peanut butter (because your brother is silly). Somehow Judah Boo came along, and it's often shortened to just boo, or sometimes boo-boo, and still sometimes that silly brother of yours turns it in to boo-boopey-doo. Of course there's squish because you're just so squishy. And squish-a-munch because we want to munch on your chunks all day long. The older you get, the more you're reminding us of your big brother and we've already started mixing up your names- despite the almost-ten-year age difference.

No matter what nickname we've stuck with that day, we pray that you know how much you are cherished and just how much joy you bring to our lives. You are our longed-for miracle. We waited so very long for you, little one, and we praise Jesus every day for your sweet life. Now that you're here, time is simply going too fast and you're growing too quickly! We love you fiercely little squish!

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